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Just finalising my illustrations and my powerpoint for Thursdays final design presentation

Here are my final illustrations utilising my hand drawings and work in Adobe Illustrator

sensory22 practicecaddd22



my final swimsuit

i finished my final swimsuit….
I did unpick the suit once as the sewing lines were extremely uneven and wrong, but in the end it wasn’t too difficult to construct
here are a few images to show off the design lines

developing final concept work

©Vanessa Flynn – Image photographed my myself and the X-ray is of my chest

“as soon as my eyes are open, I can no longer excape.  Not that i am nailed down by it, since after all I can not only move, shift, but I can also move it, shift it, change its place. The only thing is this: I cannot move without it.  I cannot leave it there where it is, so that I, myself, may go elsewhere.  I can go to the other end of the wolrd; I can hide in the morning under the covers, make myself as small as possible.  I can even let myself melt under the sun at the beach – it will always be there. Where I am. It is here, irreparably: it is never elsewhere.      

My body.     It is the absolute place, the little fragment of space where I am, literally embodied.     My body”


 ‘Utopian body’ by Michel Foucault found in Sensorium : embodied experience, technology, and contemporary art 2006

starting the final garment

the painted panels of my garment
P1000498once these are dry I will start assembling my final swimsuit
I painted the side panel strips with this fabric fixative mixed with acrylic black paint

sample review

These are the photos from sample review
2nd yr swimwear 0092nd yr swimwear 010
The swimsuit fits really well, only a few changes need to be made so that the design lines fit better
I am really happy at how it turned out, the fit is great and I can’t wait to start working with the wool
yeah yeah


fleshI started creating the pattern for flesh as it was my one of my favourite designs.I felt a connection to the design as well as to the drawing I created for the design board

flesh1Working from my technical drawings I used the technique of drawing onto an already made base swim suit then cutting out the panel lines and tracing the pattern of these cut outs. I have never used this technique of drawing straight onto a toile. It was hard to get my head around it at first but I got nice patterns in the end.
img_8453 This is a sample I made in blue from these patterns
I soon then started to try and attempt to add the stripes of binding to achieve the effect of my design.
It was EXTREMELY difficult and almost near impossible, I did create one but it was hideous
I decided to embark on a new design, one that was more asymmetrical and had more interesting fabric applications, which was what started my whole design process.
replication replication became my new focus. This design is symmetrical, has interesting design lines and involves some of the painting processes I experimented with in my fabric laboratory. This design is more structered than the squigglely lines of flesh. I think that creating this piece will be more rewarding and satisfying as the end result will be more in tune with my concept. replication1

final designs

here is a selection of my final design boardsfleshsensoryreplicationmyopicgaze

will make flesh and replication and see which one I like best when completed for my final piece