What a relief to have my swimsuit completed and out of the way.

And I am actually pretty happy with my finished result.

Of course I don’t know whether any designer or student can be completely satisfied with their completed garments because in our eyes nothing is ever really finished and can always be altered and improved.

But in terms of my progress throughout this degree there is no doubt I have improved in design and particularly my sewing skills. Each garment I make I can see that improvement and am therefore more capable of creating a garment that reflects the image in my head. 

Something else I realised while completing this project is that a slight consistency or theme present in all my past designs is emerging, suggesting that my own design aesthetic is slowly forming to create my own design style. I guess I first noticed this in my fellow students, everyone seems to have particular elements, lines or shapes that are consistently there in their designs. Perhaps it is something that takes an outsider to notice, because I only realised the link between my 2008 Avant Guarde dress designs and my swimsuit designs once it had been pointed out to me.

While I am fairly pleased with my finished result, when I look back through my swimwear research I wonder how I missed some great ideas. Some of my original sketches that were discarded early on could have been developed into a unique piece. Furthermore, most of my final designs could also have been developed further into something more innovative.

That’s just something I will have to keep in mind for next time.

Until then we have the presentation of our swimsuits on Thursday in front of a panel of industry judges – scary stuff.


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