developing final concept work

©Vanessa Flynn – Image photographed my myself and the X-ray is of my chest

“as soon as my eyes are open, I can no longer excape.  Not that i am nailed down by it, since after all I can not only move, shift, but I can also move it, shift it, change its place. The only thing is this: I cannot move without it.  I cannot leave it there where it is, so that I, myself, may go elsewhere.  I can go to the other end of the wolrd; I can hide in the morning under the covers, make myself as small as possible.  I can even let myself melt under the sun at the beach – it will always be there. Where I am. It is here, irreparably: it is never elsewhere.      

My body.     It is the absolute place, the little fragment of space where I am, literally embodied.     My body”


 ‘Utopian body’ by Michel Foucault found in Sensorium : embodied experience, technology, and contemporary art 2006


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