The Real Deal

After those few minor adjustments to my pattern I was ready to cut in the wool. 

Cutting seemed to take me a week – it didn’t – but I just didn’t get anything else done in that time.

I wrote an “order of assembly” list so i could construct the swimsuit the same way as before…


My (very messy) Order of Assembly

My (very messy) Order of Assembly



But things didn’t necessarily go to plan.

Instead of top-stitching around the back curve I bagged it out to maintain the shape.

While the sample was fairly quick and easy to sew the final garment was not so trouble-free!  The wool fabric was really beautiful but was hard to work with and sat differently to the cotton lycra we had previously used. The hardest part for me was top-stitching the arm and leg-holes. Basically, that machine did not want to work with me on several occasions but we finally made peace and it did a beautiful neat job. 

I just realised that i forgot to unpick and re-sew a 1cm stretch of twin-needling that was a bit wonky! Nothing I can do now I guess but it’s disappointing for a perfectionist!

The next problem I encountered was just a stupid error on my behalf (can’t blame this one on the machines). I cut my frill to be pleated and spent ages tediously measuring 1.5cm increments and pleating carefully only to discover that i had cut it to the wrong width. grrr. So that pretty piece was deemed useless and I had to start again.

Attaching the frill to the swimsuit was also difficult because the lining was slippery and was moving while sewing and sometimes getting caught.

Once that was done all I had to do was snip any loose threads and make myself be satisfied with the final product.


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