The Completion of the Swimsuit!

Swimwear was a facet of design that I was interested in experimenting with and learning new techniques that come with these design elements.

 I began with an idea, to design a collection that was inspired by 1960s cuts whilst modernising the swimsuit and creating something different. As we were required to use wool/lycra for the project, I based my collection around this fabric and uses techniques and texture to create something a little unusual, that hasn’t been done with swimwear before.

 The design I chose to go ahead with into the pattern making and sample development stages was an asymmetrical, boy-leg cut that had a textured/scalloped outer, attached to the shell. I wanted to create square flaps to give this textured effect.

During the sampling process (cotton/lycra), I changed my design slightly, giving the swimsuit a lower back with straps. This created a point of difference from the front of the garment and gave an overall nicer finish.

 I was happy with how my sample turned out, the pattern fit together well and the “scalloped” fabric gave the look I was wanting to achieve.

 I went to on start my final swimsuit with the wool/lycra fabric. All went to plan with the shell, and the square flaps, working out quite well. The main issue I had was with the lining. As I hadn’t worked with stretch fabric previously, I found this to be challenging. If creating this swimsuit again, I would consider only using lining in the front/bottom section, as it created unnecessary bulk throughout the swimsuit. As the entire shell is covered and textured, transparency would not be an issue from the hips up.

I had lots of fun with this project and seeing my original design come to fruition.


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