Thursday May 14th 9:01 am

…Ok, so its actually 10:42, but 9:01 gives the illusion that I am an avid bloggerand just could not wait to tell you about the last 48 hours. 

After the dramas in my previous post I pulled myself together and sewed up a storm from 12pm Tuesday until 1am Wednesday.  It all worked out pretty ok bro.  The elasticating overlocker is especially dreamy…mmm…and I only unpicked once.  Then thankgoodness, despite being slightly tight and a little crinkled, the zig zag machine gods were looking down on me.  Im pretty sure that thing is impossible to unpick…luckily I did’t have to.  There are a few minor problems which sort themselves out when one the body. 


Reflection of Production

Good Points:

  • I managed to do some pretty nifty thinking in order to convert this tech drawing design into an actual wearable garment
  • I overcame lots of obstacles and continued to better my garment quality.
  • I really learned to keep my cool and stay focused
  • the first assignment i would say i am happy with [production can always be more streamline though]

Bad Points:

  • My constant fixing made the swimsuit slightly smaller and I had to stretch and be creative when constructing the swimsuit
  • The hip measurement could be a little larger and hence safer re: fitting
  • The lining is stretched into place in parts, this causes a slighty bow in the back muscle section. This does fix itself when on the body though.
  • The zig zag is a little tight

What I could do better:

  • I can always be more patient and careful with production
  • I could have made with small slits to place in the padding later hence avoiding difficult sewing
  • My pattern when retraced at the end not amazing.  I didn’t put cut notches into it.
  • Detail, Detail, detail!  I need to learn to be as obsessive as possible with production.  It causes a lot of stress and tears but is well worth it in the end

Now…onto the artwork and presentation.  I am going to take a very professional approach to the presentation and hopefully do some multimedia WOWING!   …Its amazing what a bit of friendly competition will do to you.       


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