Hello, it’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog! Anyhow, i’ve been quite busy of late with the swimsuit creation and i’m almost finished the final garment!!!!!!!!

Here are some photos of the final design development and construction stages in my design.


This is the finalised neck piece design — there are a few changes, mainly the shaping. I decided that I preferred a more angular shape in the lines that will sit above the bust cups…not sure why, it just felt like the right thing to do and i’m happy with the outcome. Also, I have finalised the stitch-line designs on the front to add a little something extra to my futuristic sex warrior swimsuit. It kind of looks like the transformers logo. hmmmm

Here’s the final stages of the production of my swimsuit, just before the bust cups go in. It basically looks the same as the toile, I haven’t had any sudden issues with the shape, apart from the neckpiece and the high cut legs…which worked out pretty well. I’m not sure who this chick is in the photo but she looks cool, does anyone have her number?

Ok well thats about all i’ve got for now, I will hopefully post some more juicy photos asap!



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