Since my last blog, i have managed to get a WHOLE LOAD of work done!!! To end all, i finished my base swimsuit garment, lined and all… the FIT is PERFECTTT!! it fit the model mannequin perfectly – so that is one thing i really have nothing to complain about!!!

To recap…

To answer all of the questions from the last blog – a few decisions have been made…

1)      there will be NO button hole stitch for the blow holes, just a TINY little slash to reveal them – just like the sample, which the blow hole slash worked well and perfect.

2)      All the floatie attachments will be hand sewn on, after completed garment.

After I cut all my fabric (which I did on Wednesday night, before Thursdays last studio class) I was all ready to start sewing.

I was a little bit apprehensive about cutting my wool fabric, as we are only given 2m and not any more, its important/CRUCIAL to not stuff up, otherwise your going to have no fabric to sew from!


FABRIC CUTTING.So now it was time for lining. THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!As I have never lined before, the world of lining to me is like a different language…I never understood it - it confuses me and still continues to confuse me today. However thanks to Gillians help, I managed to line my whole swimsuit PERFECTLY (which I am immensely happy about seeing as it was my first time lining anything!) and by the end of the day – I slowly started to understand the concepts behind lining and how to line a garment – PHEW.LINING PROCESS.



After the lining process, I sewed my base swimsuit garment up all together… and… the result!!



PERFECT!!! So I thought… then I looked closer… and closer…

So – turns out when I was binding the edges to finish the garment, the elastic on the binding machine was caught on something, so was pulling the elastic as I was sewing it – which means when I had finished sewing and pulled my garment out from under the machine – I noticed that when the elastic had released – all the tension from having sewing it while it had been pulled meant that the swimsuit binding was all tight and springy – not a very good look…


ALSO REALISED, having a very close inspection that the straps were sewn unevenly from the side seam.  I have notched them, but due to all the elastic madness, must have been pulled away from the notched edge!!!!

ARGHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Note: I have been unpicking binding at least for 4 hours, 3 times in order to get it perfect – and now that i was super pleased with the binding (PERFECT!) it happens so, with my luck that the STRAPS ARE SEWN UNEVEN DISTANCE FROM THE SIDE SEAM!!!





So, having OCD and being an anal retentive perfectionist really doesn’t help – but I have decided… to… unpick…. ALL… the binding and sew it all again!! Kill me.

I was so close to finishing early!!!

Its ok, I will get it done. Better to fix it now then present something I know is not 100% perfect! (GAHH I wish I didn’t have such a severe OCD!!)