Monday 11th

So…today went marvelously.  I managed to fix up all my special shaped side panels and adjust the man-bits to a good size.  My cod piece went in swimmingly [lol] and i started to attatch the lining.

Then…disaster struck.  The little pockets that I made to hold my chest, back and bottom pieces in with ripped to the sh*thouse.  This fabric is not visible but plays an integral part obviously in securing the man-bits in place. 


FYI…fabric testing seems like a pretty [insert ‘f’  word here] ing good idea right about now.  Because if i had of used this fabric in my toile and tested it I would have known beforehand never to go to that slumdog  fabric store where you take five hours to get served and the ladies are…large “oh no he didnt”.  Dont do drugs, do your fabric testing.


This swimsuit production has been exasterbatingly up and down.  My toile went smoothly but everything that can go wrong now will.  Everday I come up against another massive complication and then I fix it and then just as quickly something else appears.  At times it is actually impossible to sew my garment in a manner that would not mke a machinist cringe.   A two day job has taken three weeks. 

But alas…Im sure tomorrow I will be over this obstacle and will require only to elasticate my leg and arms…finally.  Hopefully, was the drama has subsided, the garment will be amazing as I had hoped.  All the problems and anxiety just make it all the more rewarding afterwards.




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