number 4 – i should stop numbering these posts…

…because it makes it a lot easier to know how long ago I last posted.

Sorry folks, been a little MIA of late, and like a few others I’ve done some Sydney trips, an internship, some fun times, all resulting in a really difficult time getting back in the swing of things (read: Uni). I would post up lots of photos of my trip, except i didn’t actually take any.. mainly because me + camera + kodak moment = 193484 photos of the same thing all in different settings cuz I can’t get the flash right (so what if it can go underwater??? It can’t focus for sh*te!), and just end up with lots of blurry photos and a full memory card..

So I generally avoid taking my camera out to avoid awkward moments. Needless to say, I had a really good time, hung out with Max and Ange in a new town, learnt lots at Lover and got to partake in the stress that is ‘the-week-before-fashion-week’. Lots of fun!!

Anywho, back to the real world now… it’s s 4 days til patterns and garment are due, and I am surprisingly a lot less stressed than I usually would/should be. Disappointingly,  I have no photos of my current progress 😦 but…. if you look in my previous posts, everything is roughly the same, except a lot less trial and error, and the fabric is black. Beaaauuutiful black wool…! It’s working out very nicely for my draped swimsuit…


(Can anyone remember him?? Don’t blame you if you don’t, it’s been a while… recap)

All in all, I only have a few minor details left on my swimsuit. Once I’d perfected the pattern, it was really just (nervously) cutting the fabric, and veryyyyy slooowwwwllyyy assembling it, because i don’t want to make any booboo’s (i don’t have enough fabric to recut). I’m nearly finished now, just have to join the top half/straps together.

Sample review went quite well, I had a chance to see my swimsuit on a  model and had a few very minor changes to make – I extended the torso slightly, and fixed up the gathering at the back – but all in all I was really happy with it. I haven’t gotten those photos off Helen yet though.. so as soon as I do… I can show you all.

Until next time…and good luck everybody in your final stages of production! I promise I’ll have more photos in my next post.



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