A cross to bear..

So today I went out in search of a crucifix for my rosary beads. The Christian bookshop off park road has decided to downsize and has cut out the ‘Jesus paraphernalia’ (Old Christian man’s words not my own!). They did however have a couple of left over crucifixes on offer- one was a little too graphic for my liking- lots of red paint, one was so small I’m not even sure it was Jesus, and the 3rd was opal which didn’t really fit into the manly dark mood I’m trying to create. So onto the second Christian store. The city store was just overflowing with options. Aboriginal art painted crucifix, glow in the dark crucifix, small, big, green, orange…it was like a candy-store of crosses. I went for the closest to black a deep rich wooden one with a little silver Jesus. Very happy with it.


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