Swimsuit…the end is nigh

Now 1 week until swimsuits are to be handed in, no stress. Feeling surprisingly  on top of it all, enjoying surplus coffee breaks and studio chats. I have spent the past 2 classes cutting and sewing up my final swimsuit, the most agonising part definetly being the rows and rows and rows and rows and more rows of straight stitching the wool to the moulding to get the washboard/motorcross rider effect. 

I have used this effect of repetitive straight stitching as the textural feature in the garment, it pops up in the front and back panels of the bottom half of the swimsuit, and is linked to the side wings which also feature this effect… I hint of advice from Dean saw me sewing larger square/rectangle pieces for the straight stitching, and then cutting the final pattern after the rows were completed. This worked amazingly better than my initial idea to cut the moulding and wool in the desired and shape then stitching, as so much stitching shrinks the shape… no good! Here is an example of this process: 


So I’m definitely on the home stretch now, final steps will be: stitching in that professional looking QUT logo tag at the centre-back lining, overlocking around the lining and wool with the 3 thread machine to secure in place before binding with 30mm binding around the entire garment…then insert the side wings and fix up my patterns …then  done!

A note on the wool…it seems to be loosing its sheen and softness rather quickly, even with limited handling, I hope it fairs well on its travels with the maritime exhibition.

Here’s a look at my current progress – the swimsuit in 2 pieces … ready to be elasticised and joined. Joining of the two can take place at the very end… by cleverly hiding the stitching under the edge of the elasticised binding to ensure a smooth uninterrupted  line around the edges…particularly the centre front panel. 


So now its almost the weekend, which means working and going to the studio to finish off this swimsuit before next week… 



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