few and far between

It’s a this point in the semester that I always feel myself loosing interest in my fashion project of the moment, whether its due to the hours spent pondering hem lines, sleeve shapes and collar sizes, or the days spent cutting, pinning, sewing, changing, moving, and analysing the design that you end up loathing the very thought of stitching the breast plate in for that final time, and hence the lack of my blogging.

Due to a few personal reasons, I fled to Sydney for a week to escape Brisbane and reality for a while and entered into a reality of another sort, a reality where it was always craft o’clock and where the walls were lined with sequins; a place more commonly known as the ‘Romance Was Born’ studio. I was lucky enough to intern with them for the week leading up to fashion week. Mornings were spent threading wire through hem lines, sewing tentacles on to an octopus bonnet and making a dress that looked like an ‘iced vovo’ biscuit.

octopus bonnet
Iced Vovo Dress

So today was my first day back in the reality of studio and despite my Wednesday-night-burn-induced-haze, it was actually super productive. My swimsuit is about 2/3 completed! Hoorah! I am trying to do everything extremely slowly and neatly, and for me, this is a real challenge and I am probably as far from a perfectionist as you can get. Today I unpicked my swimsuit about 7 times… but with a little perseverance I pushed through and am happy with the results thus far. And also the day was made a lot more bearable thanks to Ana and her delicious lemon almond cake yum yum yum!

delicious and nutrious!

delicious and nutrious!

 For more delicious treats; check out www.thebookerycook.com and http://thebookerycook.blogspot.com/ food yes i!

For more delicious treats; check out http://www.thebookerycook.com and http://thebookerycook.blogspot.com/

I have purposely left the task of attaching my breast pieces last as the thought of it actually scares me a little, and I have been avoiding it for so long, its almost as though the breast pieces are my ‘Elenor ‘(bad movie reference, sorry guys I’m a massive fan of Gone in 60 seconds)

best 90mins of your life. honestly.

best 90mins of your life. honestly.

I have taken some photos but my camera has decided to not like me today and not agree with the software on my computer, so hopefully it will be more cooperative tomorrow and let me upload supporting pictures, until then, enjoy x x x


One response to “few and far between

  1. sophiemollison

    Gone In 60 Seconds Reference? Genius…
    I hope you make your metaphoric huge leap from a ramp on a bridge

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