Thursday April 30th aka like two weeks to go!!

Today was a very productive day.  I maintain that it was the extra hour sleep I accidently had ie/ I was late…what’s new?

Pretty excited about the new goal of the swimwear pieces.

I mastered the Cod piece today, padding it to make it soft yet masculine…arranged a special little velcrow[spelling] doobey-wack to keep the lining in place and comfy…and did some masterful handstitching aka it is awful but you wont see it anyway…ssshhh [at least I didn’t do it on the train this time].

Then…I sewed the side pleat-like pieces to attach to the panels.  I used one layer of moulding and covered it with one layer of wool and overlocked the edge.  This gave it a sexy little , highlighted, finish edge.  AND THESE WILL BE EASY TO SEW INTO THE GARMENT!  YEOOOW!

Unfortunately…I have no pictures for these bits as yet becauuuuuse…maybe I left my camera on in my bag and the battery ran out…maybe its broken now.  eeek

special mentions go to bra moulding for being the single best invention on earth – Anna for bumping me so I pinned myself – and to Gillian for turning a 2 hour cutting job into a 15 minute one.   

Ps: will someone please remind me to give Gillian her tweezers!  She left them behind so I hid them in a special place so no one would take them!




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