Deep End

YES!  Ultra deep end baby!  Even though I have completed a sample (basically as in above post) and have enough fabric to make the swimsuit four times over …I still feel that the ‘Ineveitable Luke’ will take over and the ‘Bad Lukey Subconsious’, in conjuction with the overlocker, coverstitch and every other type of sewing machine, will take over and somehow swallow my entire swimsuit to date. 

Sundays are a good time for sewing…noone can hear you scream….and by scream of course I mean curse and swear.   I keep sitting at the part of the table where the massive metal bit slams into my man-legs.  And so on and so on = my distaste for production. 

Its getting better though.  The wool is easy to work with and completing a sample collected my chromosomes and helped them work together and heal my confusion and assembly woes.  Luckily also, that the lining is simple beacuse i feel that whenever I try to place two edges together they reject like two positive magnets. 

I am approximately half way through my final swimsuit and am going to start the cod piece and side pleats of impossibility on Thursday.  Im V excited about the news on Thursday!!  Whatever it happens to be.  Despite not giving anything away, Dean’s ear to ear grin kind of made me feel that it’s NOT something like an extra assessment or something equally life threatening.  Im also excited that in the next few weeks I will hopefully be able to muster up some real deadly artwork to top off what I hope will be a fine-ass swimsuit. 

Yea Yea!


ps:   some pics so far



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