The concept . . .

Working backwards – i managed to find a WGSN trend that was not only perfectly  suited to my emerging theme, but that gave me further inspiration for the concept. 

 The Autumn.Winter 09 trend: ‘New Frontiers‘ –  youthful spirit, humor, alternatives to the mainstream, past and the future.

A quote from the trend summed up my concept beautifully;

“Embrace the future with a bright bold outlook. Create a space of your own, with reference to the past and a clear grasp of the now. Cross boundaries and explore new territories. Conceal behind the idea of armor. Expose, showing strength of body and the inner self. The sky is the limit.”

This quote, much like my concept, is about strong women who have the ability to achieve whatever they wish.


My inspiration came from the 1920’s, 30’s and 80’s.

The fashion of the 1920’s represented the changing role of women in that era. Clothing developed a close relationship with art, particularly the style of Art Deco and also expressed a sense of freedom. Hemlines rose, waistlines dropped and corsets became passé. This resulted in a new silhouette allowing designers to experiment with textures, shapes and patterns. This texture and detail is what i wanted to adapt and incorporate into my swimsuit designs as a way of not only adding interest but also to represent an era that empowered women through dress.

My interpretation of the 1930′ s was that women were empowered in a different way. Despite the depression, women through their dress, were represented to be glamorous and sensuous with a goddess/movie star status. The detail of the backless elegant evening gowns served as more inspiration for adding detail to the swim wear.

 1980’s fashion embodied power dressing vs the fitness craze. It was an era where women dressed for success and where women believed that they could have it all, while climbing the corporate ladder. Women were equally as powerful as men.

The swimsuit flaunted women’s assets, being very revealing and cut away. The cuts were experimental and worn by only the most daring of women, the brave and the cutting edge. This is what I tried to include in my designs.

In combining these vastly different fragments of inspiration developed a concept that is not about emancipating women but about celebrating their achievements throughout history. Woman such as Annette Kellerman who revolutionised the way society perceived women. The concept aims to use this history to empower the women of now to boldly push forward into the future.


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