Retain your youthful charms – remember it’s not just your designs that have to look good!

For all you young bunnies who have forgotten to maintain a healthy diet while toiling away to meet studio deadlines, you may find Annette Kellerman’s advice helpful.

 Diet to Gain Weight

Physical Beauty: How to Keep It

Annette Kellerman: 1918

 First Day

Upon rising a glass of milk or an eggnog with orange juice


Bran gems with butter and honey

Fried bananas

Milk or cocoa


Lamb chop with scalloped potatoes

Corn bread and butter

Stewed corn peas

A glass of buttermilk

Stewed apricots and cookies


Puree of split pea soup

Roast beef with mashed potatoes

Salad of lettuce and salmon or sardines, dressed with oil and a dash of lemon juice

Fruit cake

 Before retiring a glass of milk

 This diet should give you the stamina to complete your swimsuits in a timely fashion!





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