Anticipating cape manipulation

Tomorrow is a big day that will focus (yes, focus!) on pattern perfection.

After a sample that was effective as a concept but not in construction I am looking forward to performing the nips a and tucks that make it fit the body flawlessly.

I produced the body in a way that has a slight gape in the back and will need to pull it in there. The finish is still a conundrum for me, and I can’t decide between elegant double top stitch or interesting zig zag. I also want the strips flowing down the back to be thicker slightly, and will do some sketches to remind me of my original visualisations for the swimsuit with a cape.

The cape itself remains the biggest challenge and I am looking to reconstuct it, adding slightly more flow to allow more movement, both physically and visually. Also I am going to not elasticate the top edge to hold it in place but bag out the two layers and let it hang naturally, fitting it around the shoulders with darts.

I will next time be more careful with the pattern making, measuring to double check my draping and correct innaccuracies before creating a sample. I cannot again afford to make significant mistakes, even on a sample and use  problem solving after, instead of during, the development process.

Also next time, I must follow instincts about decision making in patterns and time frame and allow others to guide, not dictate, the process. I worked to hastily and did not need to, creating unnecessary obstacles for myself.

Photos will come tomorrow when I inspect the swimsuit and make these specific pattern changes.



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