Sampling totally backfired on me.

You know when you get to that stage where youve finished your sample and you have it in front of you and its not EXACTLY what you had imagined

i.e not as amazing as you would have hoped it to be.


tryyy not anything special at all?

That hit me last night while i was finishing the touches.

Had a little exhausted teary in the studios and just got my sample finished.

Hence i have NOT added any pictures due to being diagnosed with fashion depression.

WELL ive also got bad news.

I am off for 3 weeks to complete an internship so to those (which are probably all of you!) who are insanely addicted to my blogs – i am sorry i promise to write in 3 weeks when i feel good enough to look at my hideous swimsuit and try and make it better.




  1. take heart Angela – I am sure it will be amazing and perhaps reflective time away is just what you need right now 🙂

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