making process..preliminary results

So I started making my first garment (entitled #1) and sufficiently ‘oops’d my way through the bottom half of the design to then hit a wall with technical details that eluded me (at this stage it was a tuesday so there was no Dean or Jillian to hear my cries of frustration) so I started on second garment (entitled #2).

I managed to create the basic structure of this swimsuit in under a day (sorry to gloat but I’m extremely in awe of myself ;D ) and felt smug in the knowledge that i had completed a garment – HOWEVER look closer and you see THE MISTAKES. Inevitable, yes, but now I have to make it again – and this time, make it correctly. More structured lines, harder edges, fix the cut out part and have it represent my initial drawing better. Sigh. Looking forward to it..

And don’t get me started on #1 (I haven’t – jokes) I’m finding difficulty in NOT showing the models naughty bits in the bottoms pattern, as THERE IS A HUGE GAPING HOLE THAT WONT GO AWAY. Oh I’ll make it go away though. It’s days are numbered.

I’ve changed the pattern for the upteenth time and hopefully it will comply. In an ideal world it would all go according to my plans and I could take over the world! I mean, finish my swimwear designs..ahem.

So pics:


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