Okay, so I know I have not placed an entry on here yet – to cut a story short, there have been technical difficulties. I sit here tired, juggling a brain full of theories in order to problem solve the construction of my swimsuit. It has been a long, but thoroughly enjoyable rainy day at the studio with lots of drama including someone misplacing my umbrella, mysterious disappearance of pins, black thread and numerous remakes of my what-should-be-simple pattern.

I will go back to square one to inform you of my concept.

Reign One is a concept derived from the thoughts and concerns of the creative practitioner/fashion aspirant – JACINTA APELT, incorporating elements and notes of rebirth, a circulation of optimism and forming a new perspective. My vision for this concept was created by a revelation I had in the studio one day, (it is usual for me to form a visual short film/set of scenes to make an advertisement etc. perhaps it adds more life or rhythm/movement into things?…) This particular one involved a female, a distorted space, a long pipe along the ceiling which created the illusion of rain within the space, a chair, a silver plate, oysters, a drain, a waterfall, a black swimsuit.



Dean saved the day, and assisted me with my pattern and provided valid suggestions and demonstrations. Hopefully I am on my way… a trip to spotlight was necessary that evening as there was no fabric left to construct my pre sample swimsuit. My brain feels like play dough right now, I really want my swimsuit to turn out to be aesthetically pleasing.



– dean helping me not fail life depicted in image above. the journey continues!




I have somehow managed to make patterns for 3 different swimsuits prior to actually knuckling down –after a chat to Paula –  deciding and committing to a design. I always want to keep on pushing? I keep thinking there is a better way… Anyway! I feel as if this is just about me and not the swimsuit… However a post must be cemented and more Reign One gossip will be continued….



4 responses to “REIGN ONE

  1. I love your concept and trend boards. They’re awesome!

  2. I agree, the concepts boards are really amazing. Very effective! woooo


    i love the underleg drawing style

  4. sophiemollison

    (insert heart symbol) the pleating on the briefs…

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