Rainy days have been productive…

Pouring rain is making mini lakes and rivers in the grass and roads around QUT… if my swimsuit was closer to being finished I would pop it on and go for a swim and jump in some puddles. But I have to stay serious and get my work done in the studio, safe and warm… where productivity is rampant! Everyone’s samples are looking great… having fun playing dress ups with half-made breast cups, hoods and pants.

So here is an update of yesterdays work, our last design studio class before sample review next week.  I have bascially been playing around with shapes… getting the fit right for the top half and making the pattern for the side ‘wings’.  Also, I have become professionally trained in the inner workings of the twin-needle and zig-zag machine… thank you Helen 🙂

So sampling so far… I wasted several hours of my life (which I will never get back) cutting and sewing up the wrong pattern pieces… these time-wasters are in the black (above). The neckline is obviously a really bad fit, and it took me a while to figure out what had happened… I had been experimenting with a loose cowl-neck and had accidently used those pattern pieces instead. Woops.  So I moved onto a happier colour purple and the right pattern pieces and success! I am happy with the fit of the purple sample (above) although I am considering changing some lines to become more sweeping and curved, especially on the bottom of the back piece.

experimenting with shapes

experimenting with shapes

Above shows some rough pattern pieces I drew up to experiment with the shape I want for the ‘wings’… (refer to earlier blogs for a picture of my final design). This part of my design has been the most difficult to replicate  in terms of translating to 3D from 2D technical drawings… A little more work over the weekend though and I think I’ll have it. Sample review in less than a week…


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