number 2… the makening

The process begins – I had an idea of what i wanted, and an idea of how to get there…. that helped A LOT, particularly because I’ve had a late start to the semester….

Just for a refresher this is my original design..









Basically it’s a draped short swimsuit with twisted straps that cross at the back. Very organic, and no idea where to start on paper, so I knew I had to do a combination of pattern-making and mannequin draping.

Day 1.

Tuesday was the beginning of my toiling/sampling process. It was tough to get started or even know where to start, but I decided to work on the base first. Cutting off the boy short block, I ended up with this lovely number… (thanks to the lovely Maxie’s mum for the jazzy purple lycra..!)

first tryStrange, crotchless mannequin aside, I was already really happy with the block fit of this swimsuit, which made things easy. I had to fix the bust/strap area, so i cut a little off:

second try

My swimsuit is almost completely backless except for the straps, so i wanted to make the bust as streamlined as possible, leading into a low back. Also, the block neckline was a little high, so i lowered that slightly.

This aside, I started to drape the boyshort. I tried a few different ways, by literally hacking into fabric and seeing what effect it had… My idea was basically to use a whole piece of fabric that turned up on itself to create the short. 













Looking okay… but a couple of dilemma’s. EG. How am I going to join the two front pieces so there’s not a big gap in the middle? How will they join in the back? Possibilities included panel lines down the front, another panel completely that they were tucked into, or just adding more fabric at the front so it actually joins.

The last idea made the most sense. But the pockets had to be sewn into somewhere. I cut apart the swimsuit i had made, and started making a pattern for the shorts alone, that had a vertical seamline down the front…


image023 Cutting the short in two, from the centre front to centre back, i was able to get a base for a pattern that would make extending the drape short a LOT easier…… I was over it by this stage so i decided to come back to it another day refreshed and ready….


DAY 2 (Coming VERY soon)……


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