So…its time for the production of this Maniacal Man!


technical drawing of such

technical drawing of such



I started off spending $6o on a yoga mat which I thought was pretty darn deadly…apparently they are like 10 bucks from cheap shops…I got one of those also this afternoon.  So I used my pattern of amazingness [or so I thought] to cut out linings, main panels and thick ‘man’ panels and it became apparent that this yoga matt was a bit thick.  Perhaps only because I was using it sewn into the fabric.  Tonight I tried stuffing the man bits, and then I tried the cheap foam by just placing it into cavity I had made with the lycra.  This worked much better and the expensive yoga doobie wack with the latter technique might be the go.  The swimsuit is ultra-difficult to sew neatly and I have made two toiles to date.  I have decided after seeing the garment on that it might be best to put my original block invention mansuit on myself and draw in only the absolutely necessary panel ie/ the crouch, and a panel front and back for the side flappy bits.  The garment would be better with intricate panels but they are barely visible and make it far more complex for the exact same silhouette.  My patter fits well in just lycra, but once extra yoga mat pieces ect are added it gets a bit less giving. 



Therefore I endeavour to…


         try on the original basic block toile

         draw in only the panel lines that are completely necessary ie/ crotch and faux Y front ]encasing a sexy cricket box by the way], the just before side seam seams to allow placement of side feature, a bottom crack seam and the back panel

         the crotch panel needs to be extended in the back

         the straps on the top need to be extended and the moulding bit in the chest needs to be retricted to just the front of the chest and not the side [avoiding looking like a breast]



hmmm…it is a long way from amazing I have realised but I am determined to pull it off.   


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