Sooo today was probably my most productive day in the world of swimwear construction. I think this was due largely to the fact that Brisbane turned into that terrible movie Water World and I couldn’t spend as much time outside stuffing around and avoiding class work. That said, I am actually immensley enjoying this project…I just have a terrible habit of procrastinating to the extreme. I also owe some thanks to Jillian, who jilted me into action at about 9.05am…(it usually takes me at least 1 Americano and 30mins of warming up)


I worked out a lot of technical issues with my sample garment and feel confident with the general construction of the body suit, breast cups etc. I’ve decided to jazz up my design with a few panels, which will possibly be padded out with foam as I felt it was a bit lacklustre as just a solid piece. Despite my best attempts to get through these pieces quickly, I didn’t manage to actually design a mind-blowing neck panel today. I think it’s going to be pretty life changing when I do though — i’m thinking foam and print.

I actually took some photos today but I just had a look over them and nothing is really relevant to this post. That said, I don’t want to post nothing so here’s a pic of Natashya modelling my breast cups. (I forced her.)




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