So tonight i was in studio til 9:30PM!!!! working on my final sample (lets hope its the final one.)

This post is going to be not as exciting as my others because:

a: i have no digi cam

b: i really didnt do anything too exciting

So after getting an initial idea of the construction, i used my working pattern pieces, cut the REAL sample fabric (cotton lycra blend – not as much stretch as the blue fabric) and then started to sew the pieces.

However – a few problem solving issues.

a: the blow holes (sounds ruddeeeee!) will need to be accessible so my mermaid can inflate the floaties from the outside.

b: how will i do this? button hole? eyelet? and i must mend my pattern for the final garment

c: there is ALOT OF HANDSTITCHIN’ i didnt really account for

d: how will i connect all the floatie ribs on the chest piece together? and when? do i sew all the 3 chest ribs together after i put the floatie in or before? but no i couldnt sew it all before i put the floaties in because the floaties need to go through an opening that i then later have to handstitch closed… get me?

gahhh so many questions and its late.

such a bad post – pretty pointless but sequel 2 will continue tomorrow…..

with pictures if i can get my hot lil hands on a digi digi.


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