New wave

“Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear.”

                                                                                                        Lucas- Empire Records

Fine words. Having acknowledged that, I would like to try and explain how my thought snowball started.

                “Sometimes I feel like I’m working against natural selection”

                                                                                                                                             Edward Porter- Surgeon.

This simple statement by a friend of mine swam around my head until, like a very clumsy toddler in floaties, it grasped onto something.  Looking at the evolution of swimwear spurred thoughts about evolution in general. How we got to where we are, and better yet, where we’re headed. The swimsuit seems to have evolved from the 15kg-when-wet impractablility of the 1800/1900s to the barely-there Brazilian cut bikinis of the present. Like the classic ape-to-man sketch, the swimsuit has undergone varying alterations and trends, moulding and reforming -if not through natural selection, at least fashionable. The light bulb was on. I began to research.

I was extremely happy with my concept of the ‘Natural Selection’ a series of swimsuits that embodied useful traits for survival in an economically and environmentally unstable world. It seemed perfect. When it came to sketching however- the black of the woollen fabric engulfed me and dragged me into a twisting turning summersault with ideas scattering off and washing up all over the place. I started to focus my designs on the power of black as a colour- or lack there of. Exoskeletons, skulls and wings (which were a focus of my research) where still filtering through but the designs where speaking for themselves. A celebration of black, of void, of death- De los Muertos (Day of the dead) took hold of me.

When I figure out the whole scanning/uploading shimazzle I’ll show you what happened!!


One response to “New wave

  1. empire records is the bommmmmbbbbb!

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