And the journey continues…

After a few minor adjusments to my initial technical drawing (twin needle finish instead of straight stitch finish – dah!), I was well on my way in the patternmaking and production arena’s.

It only took me a few lessons to figure out the base swimsuit (which i decided to concentrate on first, to perfect, and then to move onto the breastal cups and shoulder pads which I imagine will be all experimentalory).

I am so so happy with the fit of this base…it fits me perfectly…yay!…possible idea of translating this sample into daywear? oh yes yes i indeeed think so! leotard here i come!…


Ok so here’s the tricky bit: the shoulder attatchments and breastal cups….hmmmm……thinking….exploring…more thinking….



Successs!!!!! With the help of the amazing wizza dizza of a sewer misss lucy slater, my shoulders were figured out. Cutting the shape out of foam and bagging it out, then applying the leather machinbe stich (nice and thick!) to straight stitch which then creates the shape of the shoulder piece as the foam is pressed down where it is sewn…(stay tuned for a photograph…)

Now…the kafufle…the breastasus…

what to do…what to do….

must be:





Initial ideas…cutting foam to the hezagonal shape, then bagging out…problem is it wont create straight and sharp enough edges


something more sculptural is needed…plastic perhaps?

had a look also at gareth pugh’s garments which are all very sculptural…still no ideas

do not worry anna, the perfect solution will come, just as it did last year..


.oh why oh why do you choose such designs?! lol…

Any thoughts my fellow fashionistas???

love love 🙂

P.s. this blog is kinda fun…hehe


3 responses to “And the journey continues…

  1. heyy babeh!

    you know what im going to say…AMAAAAZING!

    literals, amazing.

    i think the structure looks aps dudette. The shoulder one…can/will the same thing be done of the babalons?

    OMG…you know…from like spotlight…you can buy hexagonal cardboard boxes of a few sizes. so maybe you could cover it and simply place over the mammary glands and attach securely. That way all the instense hexagon building is done for you and you just layer the boxes and figure out how they will sit there.

    im going to kidnapp gareth pugh and or his production team and make them tell me all of there secrets.



  2. ps: my grammar is worse than jacintas

  3. sophiemollison

    twin needles are the shizz

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