The woolen mermaid project is now into full swing, which is just a tad daunting…but more exciting than ever. The creative energy within the studios is all inspiring; everyone is caffeine driven and ready to embrace the long journey ahead of us. But before I begin to reveal snippets and images of my design I feel like I should rewind and take you on a journey through my long conceptual stage of thought inspired by the word ‘METAMORPHOSIS’.

After initially researching the history of swim wear, I was amazed by the power and symbolism which shrouded this garment. I learnt that the female swimsuit is symbolic of progression, equality for women and has throughout history been evocative of change (Annette Kellerman). When it came to brainstorming my concept I wanted to do something that was linked to this powerful notion of change, able to highlight and make reference to the historical nature of the female swimsuit, eventually leading me to my conceptual inspiration.

Concept Board

‘Metamorphosis’, evocative of change, a miraculous process within nature which to me symbolises hope and optimism, are 2 qualities I wanted to draw upon at a time when the world seems to be experiencing many negative times (recession, global warming). The remarkable transformation from caterpillar to butterfly goes beyond a mere alteration in appearance, character or circumstance, and can be translated to the real world providing a good basis for aligning some of these social shifts. To me the caterpillar, a land borne creature, is representative of the dull drudgery (recession, global warming) as the world progresses into the future and becomes lost in the fast paced environment, people are struggling to find beauty and hope in the world. The media is fuelling this wave of pessimism However, amidst all this environmental and economic turmoil, society is too morphing. Research into the future global environment indicates that the recession will lead to reflection and is something we have to go through (part of the business cycle), to evolve and develop. Again this theory can be linked to the chrysalis stage of metamorphosis – stage of development, eventually moving onto the butterfly stage which is symbolic of change (flying / freedom), a beautiful new form representative of a new world perspective.

These emerging ideas can then be linked to a trend I like to call ‘authentic luxury’; financial turmoil has shifted consumer behaviour and spending patterns. People have received warnings of greed, they seek to immerse themselves with simple luxuries of worth and hope. My designs are reflective of this, they seek to represent this transition from caterpillar to butterfly quite literally, in a bid to provide a hint of optimism and hope for all. Hence, the word metamorphosis plays a pivotal role in many aspects, rejuvenating the world, creating an optimistic point of view and most importantly creating an arena/ spectacle of change.

Stay tuned….to follow my design journey with all the real life stresses,  joys, problem solving……………. and fingers crossed a FINISHED SWIMSUIT JUST HOW I IMAGINED IT!!!!!


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