NOSTALGIA: Longing for the past…

The Woollen Mermaid project is an interesting opportunity for us to encounter swimsuit design. ‘Sexiness’ is almost a must-have key look in contemporary swimwear trends that denotes modern women’s freedom and independence.

While current trends focus on designs that accentuate the female body, the concept of nostalgia fascinates me. As we face the certainty of future’s uncertainty, I crave for calmness of the past. My idea of femininity is sophistication, elegance and an unperturbed attitude. I wish to explore swimwear with an implicit approach to the concept of feminine beauty.

After all, beauty is more than skin deep.


One response to “NOSTALGIA: Longing for the past…

  1. Hi Jiayi,

    Let’s see some photos of the work in progress.


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