moving along…

In the studio now and working on my sample in the black cotton lycra…  Am having some logistical confusion about lining, eg what where and how to do it. It always bamboozles me…

So just trying to do everything I can for now… have started on the ‘wings’ featured on the swimsuit bottom, my favourite part of my design… I like this shape so much I repeated it throughout most of my designs for ‘My Sweetheart the Lovebot’. I will have to find a suitable moulding fabric to give shape and form to the ‘wings’ as I want them to really be a feature of the swimsuit. So of course, it has to be juuuust right.

sampling process plus patterns...

sampling and patterns...

On another note, Matt’s triple shot soy latte nearly blew my head off, so I think it is home time now… to have a rest before my heart explodes.

One response to “moving along…

  1. For Sample Review you may consider not lining the swimsuit, but it is prudent to try to resolve all aspects the garment. Generally the lining is really easy, as the fabric and lining are treated as one before the sewing process starts. I would consider lining most of the garment as some people may not like the wool fabric directly against the body.

    Yep, Matt makes the best coffee…it is really hard to beat.


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