Earle Bergey Earle Bergey – *pew pew pew*

Well, I’m almost half-way through the Woolen Mermaids assignment, and thought it’d be a nice “refresher” to go post some of my initial image inspirations, and also some new ones I’ve chanced upon…

Vintage Harper's Bazaar

Vintage Harper's Bazaar - *zooooooom*

Vintage Harper's Bazaar

Vintage Harper's Bazaar - I don't have a sound effect to go with this image

Anyway – on to THE SEWING! It was a fun-filled day of sewing and pattern-making last Thursday, and I’m going to tell you all about it:

My design features an asymmetrical aesthetic, and on SEWING DAY ONE I figured I’d start from the bottom and work my way up. The left leg is a boyleg style (very sixties), while the right is an exaggerated thigh-high cut, with a leg attached. Sound easy? Well it isn’t my blog-reading friend, but worth the work I hope.

The initial CUT and SHAPE

The initial CUT and SHAPE

First I combined the boyleg block with the high-cut leg block. My pattern-making challenge was to create it without any visible seams in the front and back. After I made the pattern, cut out the fabric (in a delicious grape colour, don’t you think?) and started sewing, I held my breath: SUCCESS! The initial shape and cut was perfect – hurrah… On to the next:

Inserting the leg : attempt number one


The next step was to attach the leg: this would prove to be a step of trial and error
I used very conventional methods to create the pattern for the leg, and with the (very appreciated!!!) assistance of Dean, we created a traditional leg pattern piece, with a similar shape to a pattern piece you may make a pair of trousers with. I knew getting the fit right using a stretch fabric would prove to be tricky, but once I inserted Attempt #1 and got the whole thing on a mannequin (above), I could accurately work out how much the pattern would need to be narrowed, and what the leg length should be to keep the whole look balanced. I applied these changes to my pattern piece (below)

Changing the pattern piece

Changing the pattern piece

And now it was Attempt #2: I cut out the new pattern piece in fabric (a tasty fluro orange colour now…) and inserted it into the swimsuit (below).

So. Much. Better.

The two pieces fit together perfectly, and by pure sewing coincidence and luck due to my masterful pattern-making skills, the leg seam is hidden subtly on the inside of the thigh. Thanks to the better fit, the line of the high-cut became much more predominant and smooth.

Attempt #2

Attempt #2

And doesn’t my saucy model Anna (rawr!) make it look smashing? Thanks Anna! And thank YOU for reading, see you next time!


7 responses to “WhooooooOOOOOOoooooosh!

  1. ohhh, yes she is a sexy model…meoooow Randy Annie!

  2. …am i personalising this blogging thing too much? I dont want the world to know what a mess i am

  3. …but you haven’t blogged yet?

  4. Hi Sophie,

    The photos and your supporting discussion are really great – it helps to show to the reader the trials and tribulations of making atypical swimwear designs.



  5. i have too blogged mofo. i am thoroughly enjoying it also. you know we are both going to become addicted…you already.

  6. take back wat u said duke! i know not such a person! bahahaha

  7. p.s…sophie, great images!!!
    where did u find these?
    looks like yhou’ve done alot of research
    well done mofo!

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