Maniacal Obsidian Liturgy

Well, besides the fact that I am an avid user, these three words envelop my theme quite well.  

There is a trend I feel quite prevalent of violence against women, has always been, but I decided to research this [not before using half a forest worth of visual diary paper] because basically I saw a man hating on his ho…sorry, I mean his wife in the mall.  I was short on time and this was a great inspiration…of course i went straight home to start work and left her to fend for herself. 

Continuing…did some research, molested too many magazines and news paper articles then came up with my concept…

Maniacal Obsidian Liturgy…

ie/ crazy black like cult []   …ie x 2/ what happens when these chicks fight back, but in a much heightened sense [dying to use the word catharisis but dont know how to] …imagine films like Switchblade Sisters, Class of 1984 and I sh*t I always forget the name of this ooooonneeeeeeeeee….[holds down key until the thought comes to me]…………………..….oh yea, Death Proof…oh, and Sin City.  So I designed some swimsuits involving a gang like imagery, all female, high cut, real nasty, bit of hoo ha’s showing…almost, and I came up with one to manufacture. 


BUT…I thought about it all, and wondered, and almost had an aneurism, and figured that I am a man…and. Yes! I AM a man, and I should consider this a little bit.  I did some more research, quickly over the weekend, and watched some more movies which was really hard hey.  Then I figured, there is always a man.  A good Samaritan man…in these types of films, eg/ Clive Owen in Sin City…he always helps out and stuff…HE, would probably stop and help a lady getting abused by her husband.  But anyway…I thought I would adapt my swimsuit for this man in the Maniacal Obsidian Liturgy and he could be sexily clad to save the day…sorry help the ladies save the day.

In the end…as of now…as of all my research, I am embarking on the mission of bringing this idea to life.

…I also am embarking on figuring out how you use a blog properly and add some pictures ASAP……..that means As Soon AS Possible [we were told not to use abbreviations and stuff unless we said what they mean.]







2 responses to “Maniacal Obsidian Liturgy

  1. sophiemollison

    LOL (laugh out loud)

  2. you are halarious!
    great topic but!

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