a mystery of the divine feminine..

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN the title of my collection for this brief explores the mystery surrounding Mary Magdalene to this day, a prominent female figure in history, arguably, of equal importance to Jesus Christ.

But that’s a whole other story – of course, if you want to know more, I sourced my dad – who sourced ‘Jesus the Man’ by Barbara Thiering.

Bit of background..

From the followers of Mary Magdalene, there were a number of different cults and church groups allegedly associated with her practices, such as the Black Madonnas, or Black Virgins, but hid in secret as they were shunned by the Catholic Church. (Side note: this is said to be where the origins of witches came from, women who practised healing from Mary Magdalene’s teachings and were condemned by the Church). Anyways – what was of interest to me was the mystery shrouding what has been going on for thousands of years; the underground cults and hidden interpretations (pesher) gone unexplored in the Bible, cloaking the Magdalene in such ambiguity that the truth behind her life can only be understood in theories. For example, the cult of the Black Madonnas are said to be named so in reference to the Magdalene being ‘hidden’ or ‘unseen’.


So! Getting back to my concept..

I armed myself with my research into Mary Magdalene and the church and my historical swimwear research, to have a clear direction for beginning my collection. I referenced the popular 1950’s swimsuit silhouette and used the shapes from stained glass church windows as a conceptual symbol to draw my designs together and link them to my theme.


Next, designing..

I designed 9 swimsuits and invented my own trend of ‘REMINISCENT GEOMETRIC AESYMETRY’ (mouthful). I think my collection is understated and intriguing, breaking up the female body in different directions yet still managing to be something wearable. I’m definately excited to see where the making process takes my designs and whether they turn out how I planned! (fingers croooosssssed)


One response to “a mystery of the divine feminine..

  1. Hi Becky,

    Some would say that the “divine feminine”
    will always remain a mystery – from a man’s perperspective.

    Yes, it will be facintaing to see where the making process takes your designs. This blog is the perfect avenue to capture this transition.


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