1 step forward, 2 steps backwards

Day two in the studio saw me on a road trip to reverse garbage to get some foam before I even began to move forward with my toile. I found foam and the single most amazing piece of knitwear I have even seen….

i want that jumper!

i want that jumper!

Back to work
Back in the studio, I started cutting and recutting a gazillion breast panels to varying shapes and sizes, and also endeavouring to get a great fit for the base suit. However I took the long way around making the breast pieces; making each part a separate piece, lining, covering them and then stitching them together. After about 3 hours of making the breast pieces using this tedious process, and then having to try to sew everything neatly together at the end, it dawned on me that I should make each breast piece as a whole object and then line and cover it! OH! Why did I not think of this three hours ago! Obviously brian did not accompany me to the studios today.

the (im)perfect breast piece

the (im)perfect breast piece

After about 6 hours in the studio, and making a really perfect breast panel, I stitched it in to what was to be my final toile… only to discover that I stitch it into the WRONG BREAST HOLE! Brian? Home time and beer time for Maxi.

view from my window as i write this

view from my window as i write this

I decided to come into the studios this morning and right my wrongs and to get my toile to the point that I wanted it at yesterday. After getting the breast panels sorted (and stitched into the correct hole), I started playing around with the angles that I wanted them. Both a mirror of each other, or asymmetrical? My original design was to have them as a reflection of each other but now I am not sure… I think I like the look of the asymmetry.
What do you guys think; opinions, comments, suggestions?

x x x


4 responses to “1 step forward, 2 steps backwards

  1. sophiemollison

    $2 tights = genius.

  2. sophiemollison

    oh and also the second one looks amazing, that sloped line at the top is beautiful

  3. Assymetry is heaps better!! i love the second one too, the lines move your eyes around the body. i love.

    hahaha, i am getting so frustrated and jealous of everyones new blog entries, i can read but cant enter past reading. if anyone else is reading this, please offer 4 minutes of your time to jaz. she would be ever so grateful. i will buy you a coffee!!

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