As the title notes, my concept in response to the brief is as it states… my woollen mermaid is simply…


My concept responds quite literally. In my design and research process there were two ideas i played around with. The first was called:

Concept 1. :


In the future and tomorrow as we see it, the fashion industry will continue to fuse with science and technology to keep producing “wearable technology” and “smart clothing”. The future will be a world of the unimaginable where the natural form will eventually disappear into a futuristic world of the digital age and the man-made. Evolution will take upper hand and the world will take its cycle and the generation will encounter the new machine age.

In a time of recession, it is a time to look towards the future. A future where boundaries will have to be pushed forward in order to continue the fantasies and escapism the masters before us left behind. A redefining of normality and a challenge to ideas of the conventional; a united collaboration.

 The swimsuit will be about transformation – transforming the body, innovation in design, an obvious guide into the future of clothing.

Creative Solutions:

Transforming or morphing the body, an edge towards futurism design – achieving a strong relationship with the body by transforming the silhouette.

Design Brainstorm:

* Constructed volume.

* Jutting from the natural silhouette and figure

* Panels

* Futurist elements in design – rigid, strong, structural

* Robotic movement and structure

* Contrast/transition of “now” and “beyond” (future)/ the “natural” and “manmade”.


So for this first concept, a series of sketches were produced, in the end resulting in a swimsuit with two components. The result was a swimsuit with an “outer shell” – which was a structural suit, constructed volume – quite hard and resistant in which the suit sat out from the body, quite similarly to armour. The outershell suit incorporated lots of panel lines – a centre seam, and a suit incorporating panel lines up to the neckline and lots of darts.

The trick was, these darts and panel lines were actually invisible zips, in order to show that the body can “transform” and when you opened these invisible zips (disguised as panel lines and darts) the outershell opened up to reveal the inside of the shell which was a fine cut swimsuit with u.v paint detailing, following the curvature of the body.

NOW i dont know if this all makes sense in writing and not actually seeing a picture, but i hope it does because im explaining it to the best of my ability…

So imagine armory that opens up like beetlewings to reveal the actaul body inside… – a contrast between manmade/the future to the natural human form/present and past. Well if you understand, the designs were different variations of this idea, of an outershell and the inner body (fine cut swimsuit, with u.v paint detail so my mermaid can be invisible in the dark, but the suit glows in the dark.)

HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE. Anyways so the second variation of the overall concept:

Concept 1. :


Creating a swimsuit designed for the future mermaid with the effects of global warming, the disappearing ozone layer on the criteria and gearing her up in a swimsuit for the future to prepare and fight the FLOODING UNIVERSE!! A swimsuit for the FUTURE to protect the wearer from drowning to a sad, unfortunate death due to the flooding of melted polar ice caps.

Creative Solution :


Design Brainstorm:

* WADDING – PADDING swimsuit to achieve and imitate the idea of a floating swimsuit that will have be worn in order to survive the FUTURRRRR.

* QUILTING effect on the wadding to produce giant “ribs”/the idea of a snowboarding jacket sportswear.


Drawing from this, i designed a series of “inflatable” swimsuits (literally inflatable), and at design selection, after much discussion chose a swimsuit to design out of this “inflatable” concept. I am toying with a few ideas, much discussion about inserting plastic into a pocket of fabric, or getting floaties which i can then manipulate the desired shape and cover it with fabric.

SOOOOO, we’ll just see how that all goes…..



  1. I think this is really fascinating Angela – and interestingly one of the first design responses to mermaids as such. The invisible mermaid concept is intriguing as is the idea of future mermaids dealing with global warming – very imaginative ….

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