Starting the swimsuit!

I was very pleased with the progress made today. As my design has an assymetrical cut, I attempted the pattern-making process first. With Gillian’s assistance, all went to plan and the ‘shell’ of my swimsuit came to fruition quickly. 

The ‘textured’ aspect of my design (a scalloped, cascading series of ‘flaps’) came next with various experiments and trying different techniques. 

The next step? …the sample will come next as I’m quite confident with the cut and shape of my garment along with the techniques I will use to create detailing. Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Starting the swimsuit!

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Let’s see some photos of the swimsuit shell.

    The detailing should be quite fun to experiment with.


  2. sophiemollison

    You’re up to your black sample?! Jealous…

  3. Heyyy here’s a link to an image of the Ann Sofie Back collection I was telling you about! I think her/your designs are really cool!

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