Moving Forward

I have started working on basic patterns for the sample garment, which is due in two weeks and so far so good! There’s been a few hiccups a long the way with getting shape and fittings right, especially on the bust area and high cut leg. I’m fairly confident that I have a solid shape down pat now so I can move forward with other areas that need detail such as the neck pieces, back straps etc.

Sample Garment - Stage 1

Sample Garment - Stage 1

This image shows some initial experimenting with the form of the bust are and main swimsuit. This is the second sample I have created, the first was ill-fitting in the bust area and lacked the shape I was aiming for. For this sample I used a different method of pattern making for the cups and it worked quite well, i’m happy with this shape.  My next stage will involve creating the neck panel pieces accurately.

Design Sketch

Design Sketch


One response to “Moving Forward

  1. Hi Brett,

    Effective photo of your first sample – when the final sample is finished, it would be great to compare this photo and see if the silhouette has shifted.

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