Technical drawings can be problematic

This Thursday 26 March will be our second lesson for fabrication of the swimwear designs. Hopefully by the end of the day we will have numerous early stage samples that can be fitted on mannequins and then digitally captured to include in this blog.

It will be interesting to gauge how much the design may have shifted from the two dimensional technical drawing to the three dimensional first prototype. Technical drawings can be problematic when working with intricate designs, as sometimes they do not accurately capture the essence of the design. Also, once the fabrication process has started the design may significantly evolve as a result of the making process. This artisanal approach allows the sense of sight, and at times touch, to lead the design direction as the garment progresses.

It would be good to have a discussion on this blog about how the making process may influence the design. What do you think?


2 responses to “Technical drawings can be problematic

  1. I agree, i think mine is a fine example of how the initial design/technical drawings can change and evolve through sampling and the garment construction process.
    Im sure many others are going through the same thing.
    When they say you really cant know for sure, until its material form is in front of you is really a true… You really dont know every little detail til it has been sampled at least once…

  2. Hi Angela,

    Your swimsuit is the classic example – it would have been quite hard, if not impossible, to work out an exact tech until the construction process, or in your case floatation process, has been resolved.


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