Do NOT Feed The Wendybird!


Most women will admit that shopping for a new swimsuit is not high on their list of pleasant experiences, but on their dreaded experiences list along with setting their own hair on fire and converting to cannibalism.

When the Wollen Mermaids project brief stuck its dominant little claws into my life, I was inspired almost instantly. My design aesthetic has subconsciously persisted in a feminine manner, so I decided to explore this and define what it is to be feminine.

I observed the women around me, and i didnt just stalk them either. I exchanged words with many ladies (thankyou, and sorry for my onroll of questions) to discover that women (i am totallllly categorising here) prefer LINGERIE shopping, to swimwear shopping. That Ladies, of alllll shapes and sizes, are more comfortable shaking what their momma gave them in their smalls than their swimsuit.

Naturally, this lead me to explore lingerie for my concept. The cuts, shapes, features and styles that make lingerie wearing a more enjoyable experience. I looked at some delicious lingerie labels and I recommend you check them out..

Chantal Thomass –  (MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!)

[Note- These Images are from the Chantal Thomass Website]

Buttress and Snatch –
Damaris –
Fifi Chachnil –
Gonzales –
Guia la Bruna –
Kiss Me Quick –
Lascivious –
Victorias Secret –
Made By Niki –
Robert Glass –

As fun as browsing lingerie stores and sites was, I had to move on. With a mission to define the feminine, I thought about what being a woman was, is and will be.

I stumbled across the work of the incredible  Ellen Von Unwerth.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Von Unwerth, she is an ex fashion model, turned photographer/director. Like myself, her theme is overtly feminine, however she throws an EROTIC discourse into the mix. I find her work to have an obvious flow of innocence, and her subjects rarely appear pornographic. My reasoning for this came about due to previous study of the gaze. The women in the short films or photographs, do not seem to be parade themselves for the pleasure of men. I would argue that Ellen Von Unwerth photographs women, acting like women, for women. Innocent, feminine and unknowingly sexy.

This is probably my faaaavourite image. I think it epitomises Von Unwerth’s unique style of work.


Also, if you really want to understand my concept and inspiration, take a look at this short film for Erin Featherson’s Autumn/Winter 2006 collection called WENDYBIRD, directed by Ellen Von Unwerth, starring Kirsten Dunst! Enjoy!

This short film demonstrates women, going from boring and mundane, to little girls playing dress ups. Kirsten Dunst is innocent, she is sexy, she is oddly beautiful and she is so obviously feminine.

Thats all for today dreamers, stay tuned!


2 responses to “Do NOT Feed The Wendybird!

  1. Your concept + Ellen Von Unwerth = love love love.

    P.S Thank god for trick mirrors in swimsuit store changing rooms…

  2. The black eyelet tape looked like it was very successful.
    Share the success with a photo on the blog.


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