betwixt and between

The beginning was a good place to start, and now we are following the road of tangled thread, crumpled patterns and scraps of lycra.

Following the discovery of the ‘Dot, Line and Squiggle’ video, I scribbled, painted and drew shapes, ideas, lines, symbols that inspired me. I manipulated these on basic swimwear shapes and then made adjustments and my final designs we born! We all came into the semester having just completed an ‘Avant Garde’ unit last year, and I think to some extent, this affected the entire classes designs and influenced us all to push the boardies of the conventional swimsuit to the extreme.

I called my collection The Stitch & The Seam; A Romance in Fabric and Form. Below are the design board and the technical flat of my chosen swimwear design.
My design boards were a bit on the ‘abstract’ side of things and I’m not too sure how they went down at Design Selection, as we were meant to present our swimsuits on ‘figures’. I did, just in a very abstract way. In this particular board, the ‘figure’ is represented by the blue rectangle, and the swimsuit is the red semi-circle, and the yellow rectangle represents the figures’ arms. I chose this way of presenting my designs as I was trying to recreate in a modern context the short film by Chuck Jones in which my concept was based around (see previous post).

I chose to make this swimsuit because, although being quite simple; getting it to sits really nicely on the body will be a big challenge. Also to get the smocking detail perfect may prove to be a big challenge as I am not much of a perfectionist!

Day One of Construction was FUN.

We all were a bit reluctant in the beginning to just start cutting and sewing the garment as in previous units the pattern drafting phase has been very pedantic with each measurement having to be perfect. When creating a pattern for a swimsuit, you are given a lot of leeway with the stretch of the fabric. Lyrca is a new medium for most of us, so it’s sewing and manipulating is taking some getting used to! But the majority of the class were able to create a base shape for their suit; it’s really exciting watching everyone’s garments come to life!

Here’s the progress of my suit so far.

Tomorrow is day 2 of construction… stayed tuned x x x


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