Bathing Beauties.

As far as I’m concerned this is no ordinary Swimsuit project and what’s more, if you’re not prepared to swim then you’ll be sinking down to the deep, dark, depths of God only knows where. It’s now Week 5 and the project is well underway. We’re attempting to pattern make, sew with stretch fabric and unravel the secrets behind wool lycra… Good luck is all that seems to keep ringing through my ears.

However, in saying this… we’re definitely on our way to taking our floaties off… because we’re already seeing the guys and gals forming the basic structures of their swimsuits onto the mannequins. Not bad at all for a lot of first timers. So it can only be onward and upwards from here.

Pattern making in the studios:

Pattern Making



Now, in order for you all to understand how I am approaching this brief, you should probably be introduced to my Woolen Mermaid project, Miss Nancy.

Miss Nancy, the revised version of my original Miss Ann, is a collection based on retro aesthetics, aiming to enhance the idea of glamour and the so called “pin up” culture. The concept has derived from the ideals of old Hollywood Glamour and it works through the notion that swimwear can have a sense of luxury and femininity whilst communicating a contemporary aesthetic. It is designed for the woman who is confident and sexy, the kind of woman who can explore her own identity through ageless clothing. The type of woman that has direction and purpose… The woman you know or want to be…

Adele Mara Janet Leigh   Betty HuttonAnn Gwynne


It’s not easy to have a great find, but when you do… be sure to keep it locked up and stored away… and always make sure you can find it! Fortunately, in my case, I was able revisited the works of Buckley & Gundle, who are literally the forefathers of fashion and glamour theory. These guys have absolutely everything to say about glamour. You can check out their work in the book… The Fashion Business By Nicola White, Ian Griffiths. 


By Nicola White and Ian Griffiths
By Nicola White and Ian Griffiths 



After reading this for about the 5th time, I did some serious “fashion soul searching”. And yes, this did take hours and hours of pouring over pages and pages of glamour theory, however, if it weren’t for these two knowledgeable characters, I may not have discovered why glamour “…is an enticing image, a staged and constructed image of reality that invites consumption. That is to say, it is primarily visual, it consists of a retouched or perfected version of a real person or situation and it is predicated upon the gaze of a desiring audience.” In all honesty, this pretty much reaffirmed that this is where i wanted to go with my research and in my own words I’d say that my  collection will come to depict an imbalance/profanity between the sexualisation of women who conquer the idea of style and stardom, making direct reference to the time of when Hollywood stars were perfectly coiffed.



Basic Concept Map:

Concept Map

Wow… So now that this is out of the way… we’ll be seeing wether or not  in the next few weeks this class ends up bathing in these beauties…


2 responses to “Bathing Beauties.

  1. Hi Michaela,
    Week 5 has come to a close. I’m sure you have now moved forward from … “Good luck is all that seems to keep ringing through my ears”.

    How do you feel you progressed?

    Let’s see some photos of the first prototype.

  2. maginficent

    i see you are not referring to women as ‘sluts’ as on other int0rwebz networking type sites.

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