Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the swimsuit of the future…

Pattern pieces
…or at least it will be (hopefully!) in eight or so weeks…

Over a summer of beach-ing and hypothesising, I approached the WOOLEN MERMAIDS brief with a desire to make an avant-garde, modern swimsuit. So away I went to the QUT Kelvin Grove library, and after 23 cups of coffee, 12 papercuts, 7 gluesticks, 3 broken photocopiers and 2 full notebooks of work, I returned…

I specifically researched what it means to be MODERN and FUTURISTIC, which led to a focus on sixties style (a time, I believe, when people were most looking forward to LOOKING FORWARD). I also looked at FUTURISTIC indicators of today, particularly the amalgamation of modern people, modern architecture and modern fashion.
To cut a long story short(er), my concept is a bit of a ping-pong match between the SPACE AGE aesthetics of the sixties, and the sleek je ne sais quoi of FUTURE AGE style;
*PING* Paco Rabanne tubular shapes *PONG* Frank Gehry fluidity *PING* Barbarella’s bodysuit *PONG* multifunctional wetsuits *PING* the Space Race and Twiggy’s face *PONG* technological advancements and their embrace, etc.

To clarify my concept I’ve included a few of my visual thematic inspirations (below). I look forward to sharing this sartorial journey with you, and lets hope it goes SWIMMINGLY (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)


4 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the swimsuit of the future…

  1. Hi Sophie,

    It’s good that you’ve included some visuals – thanks.

  2. Sophieeee.. you are a blog master.
    I was LOL-consumed.

  3. Hi Sophie

    fantastic images – very sculptural – it will be interesting how these concepts materialise when working with the soft wool/lycra jersey

  4. Hi Sophie,

    You may consider chatting on the blog about the creation of the pattern for the asymmetrical leg and update us on whether it worked?

    Perhaps include some photos of the leg pattern shape or first sample/s.


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